Art Portfolio


“Kathryn and the Universe creates original artwork while allowing herself to be open to channeled messages and energy. She is most inspired by nature, humanity, spirituality and the universe. In channeling while creating art, her work is infused with the feelings, energy and messages that bring joy into our world.

Kathryn was born an artist. She developed the love she holds for the historical, cultural and spiritual significance of art from a young age, as a student who attended Cleveland Museum of Art’s programs. She has studied courses in painting and ceramics at Carlow University, Slippery Rock University and Cuyahoga Community College. She served as a School and Gallery Liaison Intern at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and served as a Mural Program Intern with Building Bridges Arts Collaborative in Cleveland, Ohio. She has taught ceramics and painting courses for children and adults at College Colleagues Success Center, and is excited to do so in more formats in the future.

Kathryn’s spiritual talents have been developed over the course of her adult lifetime. She became most passionate about her spiritual development during her year and a half long recovery from a major car accident. She found the greatest relief in utilizing alternative medicine and holistic approaches. In questioning topics like why acupuncture and Reiki released more pain than highly addictive prescription opiods and narcotics, she became aware of the need to determine her own truths. She has attended workshops from leaders in the intuitive tarot world, Reiki masters, shamans and mediums.

She asks each of us to question and determine our own truth, and offers art and intuition to help you understand yourself, and all that is around you.”

Portrait Commissions Currently Accepted